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In mid 2022, Pastor Stevie was asked by the pastor of Trinity Christian Church in Bartlett, TN for guidance on how to revitalize their church. The leadership of Trinity Christian desired to reach their community and dreamed of creating a vibrant, multi-generational, multi-ethnic congregation, but struggled to achieve this goal.

After many meetings and vision casting nights with the leadership of 901 Church, Trinity Christian Church began to wonder that maybe they didn’t need a revitalization. God had a better plan. After a time of prayer and discussion, the leadership of Trinity decided that the best way to see their vision come to life and create a lasting legacy was to generously donate their building, land, resources, and people to 901 Church, leading to the creation of 901 Church - Bartlett.

On January 1st, 2023, Trinity Christian church held their final service, officially marking the beginning of 901 Church - Bartlett’s journey. Because of their generosity and faithfulness, this facility will now be filled with a vibrant, multi-generational, multi-ethnic community of believers. God answered their prayer! We are grateful for what God has done, but we believe He is NOT done.

We are 901 Church - not Bartlett Church. We are here for the 901, and we are passionate about reaching the city of Memphis to change the world.

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