Pastor Stevie Flockhart

For 12 years Stevie was heavily involved in the music industry but also served the local church in various worship and creative arts ministries.

But, in 2012, after briefly appearing on American Idol and then being selected as a contestant on The Voice… God made it clear that he was supposed to walk away from what could have been a very prominent music career, and that he was suppose to Pastor and Lead people to advance the Gospel of ┬áJesus Christ. So with the support of his incredible wife Whitney, they spent 2 years preparing to do just that. In the past 4 years they have allowed God to use them to see almost 200 people give their lives to Jesus just in the local church, and hundreds more throughout the country. They know that God has brought them back to the 901 so that people would continue to be reached and lives would continue to be changed.